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RCT’s rapid welding is driven by the latest technology to provide a responsive subcontract service for your overflow work.

Where you need additional support to meet demanding project timescales or requirements, or are looking to expand the services your business offers, RCT can help. We provide an expert MIG welding service for mild steel products.

We’re equipped with a 12-bay welding department; a highly experienced welding team; and CoWelders to take on your excess workload and help you to deliver fast turnaround, satisfying your customer’s expectations.


RCT works alongside many manufacturing businesses providing rapid subcontract welding, forming lasting relationships which are based on reliability, trust and quality work. We have decades of experience and always adhere to industry regulations, welding to EN 1090 standard where this is necessary for construction applications.

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Subcontract Welding

With the Assistance of CoWelders...

RCT has invested into the latest automation technology to increase our welding capacity.

Our CoWelders, or collaborative welding robots, mean that we can meet your project timescales with the aid of rapid, responsive and reliable cobots, which are overseen by our expert weld team.

Quality is never impacted by the use of CoWelders, and RCT ensures all products are complete to our high standards with thorough inspections.

Subcontract Welding

Flexibility is

We can weld all types of mild steel products, with our experienced team having provided for a range of industries, including automotive, construction, hospitality and more.

We take on all project volumes for our rapid subcontract welding service.

MIG welding (or Metal Inert Gas welding) is a quick, high quality, and clean method of welding, producing a strong and durable join – offering versatility for a range of projects.


Our experienced team can work with you

If you’re in need of an outsourced welding service to help you manage your workload to the highest standard, RCT can be of service.


Talk to a member of the RCT team today to see how our rapid welding department can be of assistance to you!


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