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Tested, durable, and lightweight military seating tubular components.

RCT’s experience working within the defence industry, paired with our excellent quality standards across both customer service and our manufacturing capabilities, makes us a reliable partner for the provision of military seating products.

As part of our service, we supply end-to-end manufacture, welding, and finishing operations. Our tubular components remain lightweight and durable, with low maintenance requirements – perfect for military applications.

We can support any necessary testing to ensure your seating components withstand the demands of their application as well as meeting international standards.

Specialising solely in the manufacture of steel, RCT is able to maintain the quality of the material we handle without risk of compromise. We are further accredited with ISO9001, demonstrating our continued quality practises.

Military Seating

From Commander to Crew

We can supply all types of seating components – ranging from parts needed for Driver and Commander seating through to Crew seating.

Our experienced team works from your technical drawings to manufacture components in the most effective way, using our CAD technology and CNC machinery to make this happen within project parameters.


Discretion Guaranteed

RCT prioritises confidentiality whilst working with projects of this nature, ensuring our clients do not need to be concerned as to the disclosure of any project details.

Our reputation for being a trusted partner has been built over decades of establishment within the manufacturing industry.


Our rapid contract solution is intended to assist producers in fulfilling increased demand and expand their offerings to customers.


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