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See how RCT have helped clients with the production of bespoke steel parts.

Case Studies

Case Study 1

When our customer approached RCT, they were manufacturing handles for their watering can products but were experiencing quality issues, as well as problems meeting sales demands.

As a solution to this, RCT offered to relocate the customer’s production cell to our premises, not only addressing their initial issues but further creating additional floor space at our customers’ premises. The cell was comprised of three items of basic machinery, including a small tube bender, a small power press and a small circular saw.

Initially, RCT proceeded to produce the handles in much the same way the customer had done. We were able to modify the machines and the process to produce greater volumes with improved quality, meeting agreed costings and timings whilst doing so.

However, we had concerns about the reliability and performance of the tube bender. In response to this, RCT invested in a new CNC tube bending machine with tooling for the project. This new machine has enabled us to produce the handles at many times the rate of the required capacity, alongside improving the quality substantially. We still produce this product today.

Our work for this particular customer demonstrates RCT’s commitment to our customers’ success, as well as our own flexibility and innovation when developing processes for increased productivity and quality.

Case Studies

Case Study 2

RCT is experienced in helping increase the capacity of your manufacturing services with subcontract operations.

We were approached by a company that had an in-house welding department but were also subcontracting welding. This company was experienced an upturn in orders and needed to concentrate resources on other departments within their company, rather than expanding their welding department.

RCT were approached as a solution to this; however, quality, pricing and rapid implementation were key requirements of the project.

RCT produced tooling, mainly welding fixtures, and first-off sample parts that were required. Production commenced following this, with an intense production acceleration period for both companies.

We now proudly allocate in excess of 200 welding hours weekly to this project, having quickly overcome any initial challenges. RCT has developed a valuable relationship with our customer based on trust not only in our ability to escalate production but to maintain high quality standards whilst doing so.

Case Studies

Case Study 3

RCT has a long history of working alongside the furniture sector, providing metal components.

This history came full circle when a furniture company contacted us after seeing an image of a stool that we had manufactured. The stool in particular was inspired by vintage metal stools, circa 1940s. The company enquiring informed us that they represented the original company that manufactured the vintage stool that our product was based upon.

They were impressed after seeing RCT’s reproduction stool, and were looking to closely collaborate on a project to make an anniversary version of this stool range. Following initial discussions, RCT were chosen as the manufacturer for this special project.

To meet our customers’ requirements, RCT needed to develop tooling that was different to our usual approach, as we wanted to product to replicate the original as much as possible.

The finished range of products are difficult to distinguish from the original stools, resulting in a very happy customer.


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