CNC Sawing
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A unique set up for high-capacity sawing allows us to deliver on tube cutting requirements every time.

RCT’s in-house service is available for both tubular products and solid bar, providing precision sawing to tight tolerances, as part of our end-to-end manufacturing for steel parts and components.


The consistency of our cut-to-length operation is achieved through Computer Numerical Controlled, semi-automatic machinery, which ensures your sawing requirements are undertaken quickly and accurately.


CNC Sawing

Unique Set-Up

At RCT, we take advantage of a unique machinery set-up which has been created for our facilities.

Our system means complete durability and efficiency when meeting customer requirements. We can handle high volumes of demand, with the experienced RCT team working alongside the latest CNC sawing technology to successfully undertake this…

CNC Sawing

CNC Sawing Technology

Our state-of-the-art CNC sawing technology is suitable for cutting thin-walled tubes and solid bar with diameters up to 120mm.

An adjustable cutting angle allows us to cater for all types of requirements.

This service also allows us to minimise waste and product defects, creating a cost- and time-efficient production cycle for our customers.

Following sawing, tubes can be deburred using our deburring machine. See more about our Deburring service or talk to a member of the RCT today about your needs.


Our experienced team can work with you

Whether you need one-off tube bending or a complete end-to-end service, including our cutting and finishing services, RCT can work with you to deliver your products.


Our rapid contract solution is intended to assist producers in fulfilling increased demand and expand their offerings to customers.


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