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From start to finish, RCT can support you throughout the production of your bespoke steel parts and components.

Our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities enable us to handle projects at all stages of their development, and carry them through to completion.

So, no matter the status of your project, the RCT team can provide the expertise necessary to get things moving.

Our Capabilities

our traditional processing

Discover more about our traditional processing services below.

Our Capabilities


As part of the design and development stage, RCT offers prototyping to ensure you’re taking the most effective route to manufacture from the start. This means testing that your product is viable, to specification and relevant standards, and will perform as expected in-situ.

Our Capabilities

Jig & Fixture Making

RCT can provide in-house jig and fixture making for the production of custom, cost-efficient tooling.

Our dedicated department for jig and fixture manufacturing is equipped with milling, turning and grinding facilities. Our skilled team provide a cost-effective solution to customer tooling requirements.

Our milling and turning capabilities can also be provided as a subcontract service and volume requirements are provided through our partner services.

Our Capabilities

Laser Cutting

Through established industry connections, RCT can provide high quality laser cutting including tube, box section and steel profiles. The latest technology can be used for etching, batch identification, or as a cutting solution, providing parts ready for manufacture.

CNC laser cutting is performed as a highly efficient and accurate service which always meets our standards.

Our Capabilities


RCT’s punching service is carried out to tight tolerances, for a precision operation. Our punching capabilities include a wide variety of tooling for round, obround, square, rectangle and bespoke profiles.

Punching can be a good solution for certain applications.

Our Capabilities

Pressing & Folding

For your forming needs, we provide a pressing and folding service with capabilities for pressing and press braking up to 30 Tonnes in our department. Our partner services enhance these capabilities to offer the complete solution to any requirements including complex designs using the latest technologies.

Our Capabilities

Ring Rolling

Our ring rolling capabilities enable us to form flat steel, round bar, square bar, box section, rectangle section and round tube up to 2 metres in diameter.

Our Capabilities


We can further provide drilling and tapping operations for your parts. Our drilling capabilities offer multiple machines with varying capacities up to 3MT. Bespoke drilling jigs and fixtures can be manufactured in our jig and fixture department.


Our rapid contract solution is intended to assist producers in fulfilling increased demand and expand their offerings to customers.


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