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As a large, long-term supplier of steel watering can handles, RCT has years of experience working alongside the horticultural sector.

Our manufacturing capabilities and tailored service for the production of high-quality tubular assemblies makes us compatible with delivering medium-high volume, simple parts - made to exacting specifications for this industry.

It is the quality and accuracy of our service, enabled by investments into the latest technology and machinery, which has allowed RCT to form lasting relationships with our customers.

This has given us the expertise and understanding of your industry needed to fulfil all types of project demands.

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Watering Can Handles

Fast & Reliable Turnaround

RCT can meet your supply requirements with a quick turnaround, delivering precision components within project timescales.

Where you need to meet tight deadlines, or pick up on delayed projects, our streamlined production facilities can support you.

Watering Can Handles

Finishing Capabilities

With a number of finishing operations available, RCT can deliver a product designed to excel within its environment.

For equipment used in outdoor spaces, our products are finished for enhanced protection against corrosion such as rust; they can also be finished in a variety of RAL colours for user appeal, as well as featuring smooth edges for a comfortable hold.


Highly Experienced Team

Our welding department is made up of skilled welders who can work with you to determine your needs.

RCT has also invested in state-of-the-art technology to assist our department in meeting customer demand whilst maintaining our standards. Our CoWelders (robotic welders) enable us to do this.


Our rapid contract solution is intended to assist producers in fulfilling increased demand and expand their offerings to customers.


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