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For the most demanding of environments, to the most aesthetic applications, make certain your tubular products excel within their surroundings.

RCT has a range of finishing options available to ensure your steel componentry achieves the consistency and protection it requires.

Working closely with the automotive and construction industry – including for the manufacture of military seating parts – at RCT, we have the experience to deliver upon the needs of your industry.

Tube Finishing

Our Finishing Options

Our finishing options include:

See more about these options below.

Tube Finishing

Powder coating

Powder coating is a highly versatile method, providing a protective, decorative and uniform appearance to steel surfaces.

Powder coating involves the application of a dry, finely ground pigment powder, which is then cured to create a hardened finish. Compared to wet paint, powder coating achieves a thicker and more durable coat.

Our powder coating service is available in a range of RAL colours.

Tube Finishing

EP Coating

Electrophoretic coating, or EP Coating, is a painting process which is used to coat a wide range of metal components to enhance resistance to corrosion.

Tube Finishing

Wet Painting

Wet painting is the application of liquid paint to tube and steel parts, creating a smooth and aesthetic finish once dried.

Liquid paint is recommended over powder coating for smaller batch volumes due to its cost effectiveness, as well as suitability for parts which cannot undergo heating. It’s easily customisable with a wide range of colours available.

Tube Finishing


Also known as electroplating, our plating finish applies a thin layer of zinc to steel products. The zinc layer enhances the appearance, corrosion resistance, and electrical conductivity of the component.

Plating is achieved through electrodeposition using an electrolyte solution, which covers the steel product in zinc ions, creating an incredibly durable and low maintenance, protective layer.

Tube Finishing


Similarly to plating, hot dip galvanising creates a zinc coating on steel products. With this method, the component is submerged in molten zinc, before cooling to solidify the zinc.

Hot dip galvanising creates a durable and long-lasting corrosion resistant coating on products. The uniform coverage of the method ensures even complex shapes are thoroughly coated.

Our steel products can also undergo deburring; take a look at our Deburring service for more on this.


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