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RCT offers design feasibility during initial stages of production, ensuring your components are viable and the route to manufacture is economic, efficient, and meets all specifications.

Our team is made up of experienced manufacturers, who have worked on projects across a range of industries – meaning we have the expertise to offer comprehensive and well-rounded guidance on your project.

We always consider ease of manufacturing in these initial stages, which involves advising on elements such as your steel grade, the most efficient methods of production, tooling requirements, and more.


This advisory service ensures we maintain long-lasting relationships with our customers, who count on RCT to find the best solution to their problem.

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Design for Manufacturing

We Pick Up Where You Left Off

Our design feasibility service is available whether you have complete technical drawings that are ready for manufacture, or if you need further advice on how to approach the manufacture of your product.

This is true for projects across the automotive, hospitality, industrial, and retail sectors.

Design for Manufacturing

The Start of a Complete Process

Design consultation is only the start of RCT’s end-to-end capabilities. From here, we can take your product into prototyping, and through to manufacture, finishing, and finally delivery.

Your product will undergo all necessary testing during the relevant stages for compliance and compatibility within its application and environment.


Our experienced team can bring your designs to life

Take a look at our Tubular Manufacturing, Welding, and further Capabilities for more information on how RCT can bring your designs to life.


Our rapid contract solution is intended to assist producers in fulfilling increased demand and expand their offerings to customers.


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