Tube Manipulation
& Welding

Transforming steel tube
into limitless, precision-formed
possibilities since 1988

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Medium to high-volume
CNC steel tube manipulation

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In-house, cost-effective precision bending
for a huge range of tubular products

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Consistency & protection through powder coating,
wet painting, plating & galvanising

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High capacity tubular solutions
for a multitude of industries

  • In-House Jig and Fixture Making Facilities
  • High Capacity 12 Bay MIG/MAG welding department
  • MIG/MAG Welding Automation
  • CNC Mandrel Tube Bending up to 63mm Diameter
  • Twin Head Tube Bending up to 32mm Diameter
  • Vibratory Trough De-burring up to 2m
  • High-Capacity CNC Sawing Facility
  • Traditional processing machinery, Drilling, Milling, Punching, Pressing, Turning etc.
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Capacity for quick-turnaround subcontract welding to assist your projects

High Capacity 12 Bay Department

MIG | MAG Welding Automation Capabilities



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Mass Transit
Materials Handling

and much more, don't see your sector here? Get in touch today to discuss support for your industry.


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Get the components you need exactly when you need them with our stock call off and Just-In-Time facilities


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Get the components you need exactly when you need them with our stock call off and Just-In-Time facilities

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Expanding our capabilities

We work closely with Laser cutters, Precision Machining companies, Shot Blasters, Zinc/ Chrome Platers, Polishers, Galvanizers, Spring Makers, Powder Coaters and many more in the future... READ MORE

Case Studies & Testimonials

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“I have complete trust in RCT”

The team at RCT are the epitome of professionalism and consistently deliver quality products that personify our brand. We searched for years to find the right manufacturer to help bring our product to market, which demanded a wide range of skills and tooling, and we couldn’t be any more delighted with the result. The team are extremely knowledgable and are great people too. They continue to deliver an exceptional product with exemplary service and we look forward to the future - together!


Our relationship with RCT has evolved from when we first started working with the company. From samples to building to our requirements they have never failed to deliver. Great communication from the team and always happy to help.

RCT have built a great customer relationship with our company and have always looked to deliver quality on time.

TEK Group Seating

RCT Manufacturing offers outstanding service, their professionalism, flexibility, and commitment to quality make them an invaluable supplier. Wayne and Sean are fantastic and are particularly good at ensuring the success of orders. They have consistently delivered exceptional metalwork and excel at bulk orders always ensuring the work is finished with precision, always maintaining exceptional quality.