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Remove all surface imperfections from your product, for a smooth and safe final result.

RCT’s in-house deburring service is achieved with the assistance of a fully automatic ceramic vibratory trough. Burrs, surface imperfections, and rough edges are common and natural occurrences when manufacturing steel products. Deburring allows us to remove these formations, ensuring your product is refined and prepared for any further finishing processes.

RCT’s service for the end-to-end assembly of steel components provides our customers with reliable and high-quality manufacturing from start to finish, with deburring undertaken by our expert team alongside investments into the latest technology.

Deburring Main


Tube End Deburring

We use an RSA Rasaplan, double headed deburring system for high performance, with automatic feeding meaning we can offer reduced cycle times.

Because of our set-up, material requiring deburring can be directly offloaded from our sawing machinery and fed into the deburring machine for a time-efficient production.


Vibratory Trough

Our Ceramic deburring is suitable for products up to 2m in length. The vibratory trough uses ceramic media to remove burrs, irregular edges and other imperfections from tubes and solid bar products.

Ceramic media is contained within the trough, into which the workpieces are placed. The machine then generates controlled vibrations to agitate the ceramic media, which rubs against the workpieces; this operation cleans the product of dirt and grease at the same time.

If your product requires finishing following Deburring operations, explore our finishing options.


Our experienced team can work with you

Whether you need one-off tube bending or a complete end-to-end service, including our cutting and finishing services, RCT can work with you to deliver your products.


Our rapid contract solution is intended to assist producers in fulfilling increased demand and expand their offerings to customers.


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