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Get your products delivered, on time and in budget, and always to specification. Without a worry.

At RCT, we make it as easy as possible to work with us. Whether you’re an experienced manufacturer who knows what they’re looking for, or a new designer making an enquiry, we have the knowledge and expertise to take you from design to delivery.

From the first contact, RCT provides a friendly, transparent, and flexible service. We have decades of experience in the manufacturing industry, and our service has continually evolved to meet today’s needs. Meaning, no matter your manufacturing requirements, we seek to support you.

Working with us

we can assist... throughout the following:


Enquire online or over the phone – our team is on hand and happy to help. We can work on all types of steel manufacturing projects to help you meet requirements and deadlines.


RCT provides design advice on the most feasible and efficient route to manufacture for your product.


We are proficient in an extensive range of manufacturing processes, from the latest technology to traditional methods, for the production of steel components and tubes.


Our varied finishing options are designed to enhance the properties and appearance of your products.


Once complete, your parts and components can be reliably delivered throughout the UK.


Our rapid contract solution is intended to assist producers in fulfilling increased demand and expand their offerings to customers.


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