What is Design for Manufacturing?

Engineers in a design for manufacturing meeting.

What is Design for Manufacturing? Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is the task of transforming an original product design or concept into one suitable for production or assembly. By incorporating design-for-manufacturing services early in the product development cycle, companies can significantly reduce the time and resources required for manufacturing, while retaining as much of the original…

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What is a Cobot?


What is a Cobot? Cobots, short for collaborative robots, are a type of robot designed to interact and work alongside humans in a shared workspace. Cobots are equipped with various safety features that allow them to operate in close proximity to humans without posing significant risks. These advanced robots represent a shift in industrial automation,…

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What is Deburring?

Worker deburring a metal part

What is Deburring? Deburring is an essential finishing process in manufacturing that involves removing small imperfections, known as burrs, from metal parts. These burrs usually form during machining operations, such as cutting or grinding and can compromise the functionality and safety of the components. A professional deburring service improves the quality, reliability and appearance of…

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Understanding Electrophoretic Coating

EP Coating

Understanding Electrophoretic Coating Electrophoretic coating is an essential industrial process that bonds paint to metal surfaces using an electric current. Employed in numerous industries, including automotive and aerospace, electrophoretic coating provides intricate parts with an even coating that protects against corrosion. EMAIL: [email protected] Call: 0121 561 5492 What is Electrophoretic Coating? Electrophoretic coating, often known…

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Introduction to Tube Bending

Tube bending

Introduction to Tube Bending  Tube bending is a fundamental process in tube manipulation and for the fabrication of related structures and products. We explore the principles, methods and applications of tube bending, highlighting its importance and versatility in modern manufacturing processes. EMAIL: [email protected] Call: 0121 561 5492 What is Tube Bending? Tube bending is the…

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